Tenacious Nerds

Chaunteas gift.

Game 1


On request of The Lord Protector himself, Dagult Neverember, the heroes attended an open invitation event to The Bounty of Green Fields.

After much merrymaking, entertainment and feasting, High Druid Kullnor Ironheart announced the arrival of a special being to Neverwinter. The child, Called only “Rose”, is believed by the druids of the garden to be an Exarch of Chauntea herself.

Immediately after the announcement, the Garden came under attack by malicious demons seemingly bent on the abduction of the child. Bravely, the 5 Heroes stood before the vile spawn and sent their black souls back to the realm from whence they came!

Lord Neverember charged the Heroes with the task of exposing those behind the atrocity and the motivations therein.

By suggestion of BlackLakes high Noble, Mordai Vell, the heroes started their quest by seeking answers from Madame Rosene, owner of The DriftWood Tavern.

Madame was not forthcoming with information. Only after intense deliberation were the Heroes able to glean her guidance.

Rosene informed the Heroes of rumors of Ashmadai cultists residing in the old House of Knowledge in northeastern Protectors Enclave. She also said they could find an eccentric old custodian there by the name Atlavast. If he still lives, Madame believes he may have more information regarding The Ashmadai and their intentions in Neverwinter.



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