Tenacious Nerds

To Hell with this horse!

Game 2


The Heroes, deciding to follow up on Madame Rosen’s information, headed to the old House of Knowledge to assess the situation there.

Foregoing any attempt at stealth, the Heroes sacrificed an innocent and majestic horse to a simple trap, instantly alerting everything within a half mile to their presence at the building.

A battle ensued between the Heroes and the residents of the house with the heroes easily winning the day!

Shortly thereafter it was discovered the residents were in fact Ashmadai cultist! They had imprisoned old Atlavast and transformed the lower vault into a makeshift sacrificial chamber.

The aggressive Hero Korr abused and questioned the poor old man before the group finally agreed on setting him free. Thanks to a gruesome magic ritual performed by the wizard Renato they learned of a mysterious character known only as “DarkSon” and his urgency to free his father from a mysterious prison.

This information lead the Heroes to the lower vault where they encountered a caged Dwarf and another mysterious character.

The caged Dwarf had recently been locked in the cage by a group of the Ashmadai cultists. The Dwarf explained that he was awaiting execution for killing several of the cultists after a heavy drinking binge. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Heroes this captured Dwarf was the only reason Korr Artorious agreed to join the party and enter the House of Knowledge. He was on a secret mission to rescue the Son of Lord Kallidor Vorenus of Kanaglym. After a long conversation spoken in Dwarven the Heroes could see that the stubborn Dwarf was becoming irratated. After the Dwarf humorously attempted to urinate on Korr it became obvious that they had a history and the Dwarf’s answer was final. Korr held his composure and informed the Heroes the reason for his deception and sudden departure. He asked that they seek him out underground in the Dwarven Kingdom of Kanaglym if they were seeking an epic battle. A full assault was being planned in the next couple months to retake Dragonspear Castle from the Artorian Knights. The belligerent yet grateful Dwarf introduced himself to the group of Heroes as “Vorenus” and asked if he may join them in their quest through this “Prison”. He wanted retribution against his cultist captors and he would be getting it with or without them. The Heroes reluctantly agreed.

The mysterious character was a magical projection of a Tiefling, wearing ancient clothing. The Tiefling said very little other than toying with the group and goading them to enter the golden pyramid statue in the center of the chamber. Without fully understanding how, the Heroes found themselves in a pit of rotting corpses with the company of a nasty Ettin bent on collecting the monks head.

The Heroes were victorious in the ensuing battle. No sooner than it took them to sheath their weapons they heard a cry for help form a small sack hanging on a wall of severed heads.



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