Tenacious Nerds

Why negotiate when you can DECIMATE ?!?!

Game 4


The group decided to press forward, once again abandoning any attempt at respite in favor of escape.

They soon discovered a vast, open field. The sunlight and gentle breeze a welcome sensation after so much time trapped within the suffocating walls.

The Heroes, not easily fooled by such illusions, stood ready..
As expected they were descended upon and attacked by a nasty group of Ettercaps accompanied by more of the plant-beasts. Thee adversaries provided little challenge to the mighty group and the heroes soon held the upper hand.

Before the battles end, the group was offered a chance to parlay with the supposed leader of these alien beings. They followed a subordinate into a vast grove chamber where they met one who called itself “Camnor of the Arboreans”

Camnor explained that its compaions and self had been in this pyramid for generations; during which time, the Arboreans have cultivated and grown this area to best mimic their natural environment. They have had to defend it many many times throughout the years.

Privarax set about a peaceful resolution to their qualm, to which Camnor seemed receptive. As The group approached the Arborean to take an offered key, they were ambushed by the deceitful creatures.

The heroes quickly regained control of the situation and Privarax once again offered peace. Camnor, seemingly realizing the true power of the heroic group, agreed. It tossed the key towards the heroes and gifted the Black Meadow area to the group as a peace offering before returned itself to a state of hibernation.

Not trustful of such a resolution, the skeptical members of the heroic group decided this battle was not yet over and fired upon the Arborean creatures, igniting the melee anew.

A vigorous battle ensued resulting in the death of the ancient Arborean and a few badly injured heroes.

With the Arborean threat neutralized, the group felt secure enough to grant themselves a much needed respite.

Feeling invigorated and more determined to escape than ever, the heroic group presses onward towards freedom.



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