Child of The Bounty


Estimated to be only 7 or 8 seasons along in life, Rose is the pride of The Bounty of Green Fields.

Pale of skin with light strawberry hair her diminutive frame moves with grace and purpose. Her mentor and self assigned protector, Kullnor, often says her unseeing eyes are the color of spring grass.


Little to nothing is known of Roses’ past. The child is both blind and deaf, making any inquires as to her origins difficult.

Rose appeared on the porch of The Greenhouse one uneventful evening nearly a year ago. Kullnor and the other high druids took her as an orphan and brought her in as they have many children in the past.

Before long, the gardeners and druids of The Bounty noticed special qualities in the young girl. Plants she had help sew bloomed early, and healthy. Rot, mold or even insects would never take hold in fruits she tended. Crop thought lost would spring to life after nothing more than a simple visit from the girl.

Eventually, Kullnor became convinced the girl was a divine gift from Chauntea herself and began teaching her in the ways of druidism. Despite her impairments she is advancing at a brisk rate and spends most of her time practicing with the overprotective dwarf.


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