6 Heroes.

  • A Necromancer, born of shadow. In service to a mysterious new god.
  • A Dragonborn Cleric. Practicing honor and respect to righteousness in the name of Bahamut
  • A reborn, ancient Wizard. Seeking answers to questions even he does not fully understand.
  • An enigmatic Monk of a splintered race. Wandering the lands with uncertain purpose.
  • A drunken Dwarf Hunter of Noble blood with nothing but potential. However his only true passions are for Drink and the Call of Wild.
  • A mysterious Warden that was found trapped in the Pyramid of Shadows. His story and intentions are yet to be revealed.

Have come together in the city of New Neverwinter to rebuild what was lost to a great cataclysm nearly a decade ago.

Tenacious Nerds

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