Tenacious Nerds

Drag the wizard!

Game 3


Upon opening the pleading sack, the Heroes found an obsidian black orb containing the spirit of a beautiful Eldarin Woman claiming to be a princess. The Woman, Vyrellis, told the tale of a power hungry Tiefling wizard by the name Karavakos.

Karavakos, a Tiefling of noble blood, became obsessed with demonic magic and practices after the great Spell Plague disrupted much of the power base in Faerun. So much so that he founded a cult in service to the demon lord Asmodeus known as “The Ashmadai”

Karavakos, in an attempt to gain favor, constructed a multi-dimensional prison in the form of a small golden pyramid as a gift and a symbol of his loyalty to the Demon Lord.

Asmodeus, unimpressed with such a simple trinket and blatant attempt at favor, cast Karavakos and his princess into the prison and sent them through the planes. “Free yourself, Mortal. Then return to me with reason not to cast you about once again”.

Karavakos’ essence was splintered inside the pyramid. Maybe as a cruel joke by Asmodeus or maybe as a unforeseen design aspect of the prison itself. As a result, Karavakos’ power has been severely diminished. He believes reuniting with his shards will grant him the power to escape.

Unable to do this himself, Karavakos has instead used his limited power to trick others into entering the pyramid in hopes that some would be strong enough to destroy the splinters and return to him his full power.

Vyrellis objected to him victimizing innocent people and in turn became a victim of his wrath. He beheaded his bride to be and cast her to the depth of the prison. She does not know why her soul resides in the orb or what has become of her body.

How the Pyramid came into the posession of the Ashmadai or who “Darkson” may be is unknown to Vyrellis.

As the Heroes continued, they traveled south, where they encountered a dangerous group of plant-like beings. A battle ensued in a strange hedge maze. Renato was nearly slain by a scythe wielding group of the monsters. He was saved moments before death by a new addition of the group, an elf ranger.

Lacking a secure place rest properly, the weary group pressed on.

They soon found themselves in combat once again. A triad of shambling mounds in a deep pit proved little challenge to the mighty group.

They now stand with few options before them. Do they press further into the strange prison in hopes of escape or do they risk a rest in these dangerous surroundings? Either way, nothing is guaranteed in…. THE PYRAMID OOOOF SHAAADDOOOWWWSSS!!



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